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Thursday, May 12


8:00-9:30        “State of the Dental Industry”         Kamyar Nasseh (Keynote)


10:00-11:00     “ So you want to own your office. Commercial real estate ownership & investing"  Jared Silvey


10:00-12:00     “CBCT: The Nuts & Bolts for Clinicians”       Saulo Sousa Melo


10:00-12:00     “Oral Cancer & precancer”   John Kalmar


12:00-1:00       “Diagnosis and Treatment of desquamative gingivitis”     John Kalmar


12:00-1:00       Lunch/Exhibits


1:00-3:00        “Rockstar Dental Assistant”       Tija Hunter


1:00-3:00        “How to find, Hire & Keep Amazing Team Members”       Kevin Henry


1:00-3:00        “Local Anesthesia Update: The Train is Leaving the Station”        Art Dimarco


3:00-3:30         Break


3:30-4:30        “Panoramic Radiograph: Old but Gold”      Saulo Sousa Melo (Keynote)


Friday, May 13

8:30-10:30       “Enhancing your Career Through Ergonomics”      Tija Hunter (Keynote)

10:30-11:30      “Ethics Legal Do’s & Don’ts”            Tija Hunter

8:30-10:30       "Local Anesthesia Update: The Train is Leaving the Station"    Art Dimarco


8:30-11:30       “Cannabis & Caffeine”          David Carsten

10:30-1:00       "Pediatric Restorative Dentistry"     Travis Nelson

12:00-1:00       Update on National dental impact       David Carsten


11:30-1:00        Lunch/Exhibits 


1:00-2:30         "3-day dentistry model"  Justin Bhullar


1:00-2:30         “Pharmacology of Sedation”           David Carsten


1:00-2:30         “OSHA/WISHA”         Teresa Hill


2:30-3:00         Break

3:00-4:00        "Leadership, Culture and Mindset: The Key Ingredients For a Productive and Joyful Workplace" Justin Bhullar


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